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April 18, 2015 at 9:38 am

Palatable Hamburger Recipe

Are you currently looking for hamburger quality recipes? You will find many quality recipes of hamburger available online or perhaps in any cook book. Beef is the perfect component to make numerous non-vegetarian dishes. It’s the most versatile component that you can use in lots of ways. Using the accessibility to hamburger, you are able to prepare dishes like sandwiches, meatballs, patties or hamburgers.

The given write down will highlight a simple recipe of hamburger.

Hamburger Curry:

It’s the best spicy non-vegetarian dish. Curry is becoming this type of cosmopolitan dish that it may be produced with lots of versions around the globe. Hamburger curry could be cooked in only short while and you may tailor the recipe to prepare it to taste if you want.

The main elements needed are:

3 pounds of hamburger, 4tbsp curry powder, 4 cups grain, 2 cloves of minced garlic clove, one and a half cups chopped let’s eat some onions, 4 chopped tomato plants 3 tablespoons of butter, pepper and salt to taste.

If you would like some versions within the taste, you can include chopped celery, taters and peas towards the mixture in portions comparable to your preferred taste.

Cooking method:

Have a pan and melt the butter. Saute the garlic clove and chopped let’s eat some onions until they become gently browned. Prepare the beef to really make it brown. Add some chopped tomato plants together with salt, pepper and curry powder. Stir the mix and prepare for 10-fifteen minutes. You can include water if preferred.

Put the cooked grain on plates and spoon within the beef curry regarding this.

For planning the grain, you’ll need 3 quarts water for every cup of grain. Bring water to boil after which gradually place the grain in it. Prepare the grain for 15-18 minutes over medium warmth. The grain ought to be soft, but firm and never mushy. You are able to drain the rest of the water in the grain and serve the grain on plate.

For garnishment from the beef curry, you are able to go ahead and take chopped nuts, shredded coconuts or dried fruits and sprinkle within the curry.

Thus your scrumptious beef curry is able to eat.

Happy Cooking!

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