January 10, 2015 at 8:58 am

Let’s Say There Is A different way to Write Tasting Notes?

I’ve been typically trained, as they say within the verbiage of wine tasting notes. WSET likes them in a certain style and who shall we be held to argue.

Tasting notes are designed in an order that they’re received through the senses. That which you aesthetically see is first, then how’s smells, we move onto the way it feels within the mouth the load from it, the sensations and also the tingling. It may be quite sensual should you consider it. Alas, how lengthy individuals sensations last inside your mouth. Having a great wine, fine or else, the memory could last years.

Professional tasting notes though poignant at the best, might not really capture or lure the non-professional to buy.

I suggest yet another method of taking wine tasting notes, for everybody else. Notes about how a wine enables you to feel.

Take for instance La Vielle Ferme Recolte (blanc) 2014:

Vin p France, Vallee du Rhone

Cepages: Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Vermentino

Your wine is obvious and vibrant having a pale lemon color, existence of legs. The nose is neat and developing, showing medium intensity aromas of lemon peel, eco-friendly apples, fresh peaches and hints of vanilla and neutral whitened flowers. Your wine is dry within the mouth having a medium  acidity. It features a medium  alcohol along with a medium  body having a wealthy mouthfeel. It’s medium intensity tastes of lemon peel, orange blossom, eco-friendly apples, peaches and mandarin. The conclusion is medium. It’s a top quality wine with nice fruit concentration. In line with the acidity, drink now or hold for 1-24 months.

Also known as… obvious day. The smell is a touch off in the beginning, like boiled eggs, but following a swirl it disappeared. After that it smelled like fresh lemon, and apples and peaches telling of family outings towards the orchard. The flavour is really refreshing! The lemon, apples and peach tastes are light and produces a lighthearted lighthearted mood. Perfect now for your last summer time, early fall have a picnic lunch with family and buddies

Now that’ a wine I wish to buy!

Wine tasting notes depending on how it can make you are feeling isn’t just understandable but relatable to any or all. Use using their feelings and wines are a psychological purchase. Maybe wine companies and wine professional could adopt this new way with words. A minimum of to supplement the standard method of doing the work.

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