July 17, 2015 at 9:26 am

Lemon Flan With Berry Coulis Recipe

This recipe is really a fruity form of the famous The spanish language Egg Flan. It’s the perfect ending to some nice dinner. It not just looks amazing, it helps digest any copious meal. Here I have used bananas and blackcurrants but you could utilize any kind of berries you want. The choice is yours.


Elements FOR 4 PEOPLE

200 ml. (7 fl. oz.) milk

200 ml. (7 fl. oz.) liquid cooking creme

4 egg yolks

120 gr. (4.2 oz.) of whitened sugar

lemon peel of half lemon

100 gr. (3.5 o.) of berries to taste

2 bananas and 12 blackcurrants for adornment

Step One:

Warmth the milk and creme inside a soup pot on the medium warmth stirring constantly. Provide boil after which remove from warmth. Stir within the lemon peel and allow it to awesome at 70 degrees for one hour. That will permit the milk get everything nice lemon flavour and aroma.

Step Two:

Separate the eggs, placing the yolks inside a large basin. You are able to freeze the egg-whites. Beat some egg yolks with 80 gr. (3 oz.) of sugar until smooth.

Step Three:

Remove the lemon peel in the soup pot and gradually pour the milk and creme in to the egg-sugar paste within the basin, beating having a fork along the way. Pour into individual baking dishes. I love to use ceramic basins but you may also use glass ones.

Step Four:

Cover the baking dishes with aluminum foil. Pour water right into a large deep baking tray to organize a boiling water bath. Put the baking dishes within the water which must take care of them 3/4 high. Bake in pre-heated oven at 190ºC (375ºF) for 50-an hour or until a needle arrives clean when placed. Carefully pour more water in to maintain level throughout oven time.

Step Five:

Let awesome at 70 degrees. Now, to help make the berry coulis, warmth the berries using the relaxation from the sugar inside a soup pot on the medium-low warmth until berries are tender.

Step Six:

Pour the information from the soup pot right into a tall basin or perhaps a mixer and blend until smooth.


Spoon the berry coulis on the top of every Lemon Flan.


Refrigerate not less than 2 hrs. Decorate with fruit to taste.

That’s it! Ideal for an evening meal with buddies.

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