March 5, 2016 at 5:11 am

If You Are Looking for a New Beer to Try, Go for Tiger Beer!

There are hundreds of beers that are being made in each country all over the world, and one can certainly make a life’s work out of personally sampling and collecting each and every kind that they find. One day a collection of bottles and beer caps of formerly produced beers could be worth a small fortune! Most individuals, however, are not as ambitious with their beer selections and will tend to opt for the popular options that exist within their country. If you are Canadian, for example, you will find yourself reaching for a Molson Canadian or a Bud Light. If you are in the U.S.A., it will most likely be a Coors’ Light or a Budweiser. However, because North American drinkers tend not to expand very far from their local choices, they are missing out on a lot. There are many Eastern countries manufacturing their own delicious beer, and one of them is Tiger Beer, hailing all the way from the Southeastern part of Asia.

Looking for New Beer

What Is Tiger Beer?

Tiger Beer is an Asian brew that was pioneered in the 1930s in Singapore. After pushing through many years of war and strife, the company emerged as a national icon in the 1950s and has since grown steadily in their popularity and influence on an international level. In terms of its specific categorization, it is an American adjunct Lager with around 5% alcohol content. Not unlike the famous Guinness, many will tell you that this beer is an acquired taste. Its flavor is certainly different than that of North American brands, and will take some time getting used to. It has a golden color, and does not bubble too heavily upon pouring. It has a fruity aroma to it, and a slightly sweet taste. Many beer connoisseurs have recommended that Tiger Beer is best enjoyed in warm weather alongside a heavy dish of meat and starchy carbs.

Where Can I Buy Tiger Beer?

Tiger Beer tends to be very popular in the Southeast Asia area, and almost unheard of in North American circles unless you ask somebody who is an expert in the field. Unless you are willing to travel halfway around the world to try it, you are better off having a case imported to your home; in fact, you can buy genuine Tiger beer online here. There is not any significant difference between the canned versions or the bottle versions, so you can rest assured that any packaging you receive will provide you with the same great taste that you are looking for. Even if you are not a fan of lighter beers like Tiger Beer, it is still worth trying and you may even be inspired to start sampling other international brands that are not otherwise sold or heard of in your local area. You may try to skip online ordering and find it in an oriental store in your city, but do not be surprised if it is not there. International stores can only include so many brands in their storage, and Tiger Beer may not be one of them.

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