February 22, 2017 at 6:02 am

How Much Do Your Pint Glasses Actually Matter?

A lot is made of the types of glasses that are appropriate for different kinds of beer or wine. For the average person who is not familiar with the subtleties of a certain kind of wine or beer, the flavour might not change much depending on the glass. However, sommeliers and professional beer tasters have confirmed that the type of glass used is important to the sensation of drinking the beverage and to the taste of it. In blind taste tests, untrained people have come to the same conclusion; when beer or wine is in the proper glass, it does indeed taste better. Here are the reasons why.

Do Your Pint Glasses Actually Matter


The temperature of a beverage is more important for some drinks than others. Obviously, you don’t want wine as hot as your tea, but the temperature of red wine isn’t as important as the temperature of certain other beverages. White wine is best when it is chilled to the proper temperature. That helps to unlock the flavours and the tannins. So, you want a glass that keeps the temperature at the right spot. That’s why you should keep stemless as well as stemmed wine glasses amongst your pub supplies. A stemmed wine glass is perfect for white wine because the heat of your hand will not warm up the wine the way it will with a stemless glass. A stemless glass is appropriate for red wine, though, because the heat of your hand is not as important in that case.

For beer, temperature is also very important. UK beer is best at certain temperatures. Oftentimes, the beer that is drunk in the United States is kept colder than some of the beers from the UK or other parts of Europe. That means different types of beer steins need to be available as well.


The glass does more than just maintain the temperature of the beverage; the proper glass also helps aerate the beer or wine. Aerating a drink is important because many of them require some oxygen to release the true aroma of the drink. Since taste and smell are very closely linked, you cannot fully enjoy the beverage unless you can properly smell it.

However, if you pour a carbonated beverage like beer or champagne into the improper glass, it can actually agitate it and aerate it too much. That’s how you end up with a massive head on a beer, which overflows the glass. You need to use the proper glass at all times. The best way to find the proper glasses is to buy them online.

You should search for supplies for your bar or for catering at an online retailer. An online retailer will have much better prices than a brick-and-mortar store as well as a larger selection. They have better prices because they don’t have the overhead that a brick-and-mortar retail store does. They don’t have to pay rent and property taxes on a building or energy costs to heat and cool that building, and they don’t need to employ and pay a large staff. They can run much leaner operations with lower expenses, and they can pass on those savings to you, their customer.


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