February 1, 2017 at 11:08 am

Four Coffee Drinks Made Without Milk

If you frequent a local coffee shop or a coffee chain restaurant, then you probably have a favorite hot drink that you order. Of course, there always seems to be so many to choose from so if you have ever wondered about all the options or maybe are looking to try something different, here is a list of four basic Kafexpress espresso drinks that do not require milk.  These are simple, concentrated coffee concoctions that any barista (and seasoned customer) should know.


As simple as it gets, if you order this you will just get a straight shot of espresso.  An espresso machine, however should make this “shot” by extracting one ounce of water through one “puck” of coffee—which is ¼ oz of ground coffee—using at least 9 pounds of pressure, within a 30 second time frame.  You have to know how to make an espresso, basically, before you can make any other espresso-based drink.

Four Coffee Drinks Made Without Milk


In Italian “Doppio” means “double,” so if someone orders a “doppio” they just want a double shot of espresso.  Though, in this case, you would not necessarily make two separate shots of coffee. Instead, you would brew two as much water through the same ¼ oz ground coffee in the same 30 second period.


As you may be able to discern from its name, Ristretto means “restricted” and, in this case, it refers to the very first 20 seconds of espresso extraction.  If a single espressor serving is 1 ounce (which it should be), then the Ristretto would be the first 0.7 oz of that shot.  You use less water, of course, but the same amount of pressure.  The result should be sweeter and smoother than typical espresso but roughly 1/3 smaller.


The Americano earned its name, of course, because Americans like to drink their coffee brewed—as in, with hot water—instead of concentrated as in espresso for.  As such, the drink consisting of a shot of espresso poured into 4 to 6 ounces of hot water has been known as an Americano.


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