June 16, 2015 at 9:15 am

Catering Menu Ideas: Bringing together a Effective Menu

The pressure’s on. We have all visited wedding ceremonies or occasions in which the food continues to be the speaking point, for the wrong reasons- also it really should not be!

In some instances, it is the chef or catering service that drop the ball, through either not-inspiring food or poor menu writing. In other cases, it is the clients, and also require great catering menu ideas within their minds, or the things they believe their visitors will love, but needed just a little expertise and guidance to create individuals suggestions to home plate. This is where we are able to help. Here is a simple listing of steps to planning your crowd-pleasing classic.

The being active is adaptable to catering menu ideas and formats, for those wedding or function plans, whether inside a restaurant, a location, marquee, or private real estate asset.

Step One: Choose Format

4 or 5 hrs passes very rapidly, and format could possibly be the distinction between interacting, dancing, and boring.


What: small ‘bites’ of finger food and bigger substantial dishes roamed by wait staff throughout your event. Products may include any component on the planet!

When: you are searching promote an informal, slow paced life for visitors to mingle inside the crowd. Also much simpler to advertise novelties like lawn games, or even the party area.

Careful with: levels of food. Not enough and also the large boys may be driving through Maccas. An excessive amount of and you can be tied to a pointless food bill and lots of waste.

Change things up: consider using a roaming entree or dessert, having a classic sitting primary dish among for a little formality/order.


What: large dishes with sides on the central table for visitors to plate themselves.

When: you need to give visitors a bit more choice inside a relaxed atmosphere.

Careful with: ‘tackiness’. A properly presented, tasty buffet with as many as 15 dishes is excellent. A tired table that contains the ‘same old’ roast lamb and cold pumpkin isn’t. Whether it goes in the RSL, it does not belong at the event.

Change things up: you could include a roaming course to some buffet also. You can break the classic buffet directly into stations round the room, staying away from lengthy lines and offering an opportunity to theme each station.

Share Plates

What: getting a little buffet station to every table. Visitors share large platters of food introduced for their table.

When: you are marketing communal or ‘family’ dining. A great ice-breaker for visitors meeting while dining, or perhaps a nice touch for your loved ones to ‘break bread’ and check out many dishes.

Careful with: underestimating this method as ‘easy’. Plates have to be set and removed, then changed for every course, as the platters are frequently heavy too. Utensils also. This format consists of probably the most wait staff work.

Change things up: deliver platters ‘prepped’ or segmented, and also have your visitors finish the dish while dining before serving.


What: classic sitting dining with carefully plated dishes through numerous courses.

When: you need to offer visitors a proper dining experience. Although the above formats are wonderful, you can say when this is accomplished properly, it’s the most effective.

Careful with: trapping visitors within the same chair for too lengthy. ‘Beef and Chicken’- see below.

Change things up: give a cheese and port course. Or perhaps a chocolate course? Mmmmm…

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